Saturday, March 5, 2011

50 Years Of MyTunes: 1990

Sonic Youth's Goo was by far my 1990 favorite. I used to listen to the entire album back-to-back with "Pod" by the Breeders on a cassette tape on a boom box in Zurich.  Dirty Boots, Tunic, Mary-Christ, and Kool Thing, all need to be heard sequentially and in that order.  I love the Raymond Pettibon cover art too. Sonic Youth had had a working relationship with Pettibon's brother, Greg Ginn, who ran SST records, so I guess that was the real connection there.

Joey by Concrete Blonde from Bloodletting. Johnette Napolitano was one of those leather-lunged singers I just loved the sound of. Linda Perry was another a bit later.

Fuckin' Up by Neil Young & Crazy Horse's Ragged Glory. Neil Young reinvents himself yet again, this time just a year shy of grunge going mainstream. Interesting and talented dude that Neil Young is. He keeps popping up in my little series. Since like 1966.

Summer In Siam by The Pogues from Hell's Ditch. Swan Song for Shane MacGowen who really spurs his bleech in this one.

Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice. Was this really the best selling song of 1990?  Really?

Still Got The Blues by Gary Moore. Earnest guitarist (reminds me of Rory Gallagher) released his signature song. He died this year. 


  1. Oh yeah, "Ice Ice Baby" was ubiquitous in 1990. You really couldn't get away from it.

  2. Hey Maguro! I've seen you around Althouse and at TY's. Thanks for coming by.

  3. I try to think back to what I listened to in 1990 - but that was my Desert Storm Year. I left in early September for the desert and didn't get back until May of 1991. I more or less lost a year, after a manner of musical exposure...but I do remember Ice Ice Baby.

  4. @LL: were you Army, Marines, Special Forces?

  5. Navy, I deployed to Desert Storm with SEAL Team 5. I'd been a reservist with the West Coast Reserve Unit NR SEAL Team 1/3/5. I served as the intelligence officer with Team 5 and SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team 1, both of which had elements forward deployed in Saudi Arabia. Team 5 was at Ras El Mishab and SDVT-1 Delta Ptn was aboard the USS Curts. I served with USN but during that career was seconded to different US and foreign service units, so my experience was well rounded.