Thursday, October 11, 2012

Regarding That Biden Smile...

I called it back here: link


  1. The smirks, goofy giggles and unprofessional behavior on VP Biden's part really chopped his performance. If he'd come across as Vice Presidential more during the debate, he would have scored much higher with people.

    1. I absolutey agree. CNN's post debate poll was 48% for Ryan, 44% for Biden. If he showed some restraint, Biden would have likely flipped that.

      So keep smiling Plugs, keep smiling.

  2. He has had a stroke, is a stutterer, and the grin is part of how he avoids sounding like a gibbering idiot. Massive fail.

    But the hair plugs worked, right?

  3. Speaking of strokes, chickelit's clean delivery of "efferdense" over at Althouse, provided a gripping graphic! Bingo, Jackpot, and on the mark.

  4. Oops, efferdence. Masterful all the same.

  5. I liked the "Cutt'er loose" comment - that joke nearly killed a guy. Seriously - we had to take him to the ER.

    Good times on Cape Cod. Cawd.

  6. Oh that pains me that I may have endangered someone's life. Henceforth I shall refrain.

  7. I was unclear - that occurred prior to 1992. The net was not yet world wide. We had been drinking at a bar in Hyannis Port and what can I say - one thing lead to another. Ol' Jack survived and managed to live long enough to retire. Not a trivial accomplishment.