Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Glenn Reynolds pulled a different quote from this story on electric cars: link

I liked this one because it reminded me of how fuel taxes act like brakes:
If you’ve ever ridden in a Prius, you may have noticed that it creeps forward when you take your foot off the brake.
Also, Bremsstrahlung is such a cool word/concept that I wanted to put it out there.


  1. That IS an interesting word and concept. It's so much easier to create a new word that make sense in German.

  2. Bremsstrahlung is the reason why Rutherford's planetary model of the atom failed. An electron circling a nucleus should radiate energy and eventually spiral into the nucleus. As good as he was, Rutherford could never explain it. Niels Bohr came along and said "Let's just suppose that electrons don't lose energy and that they orbit in stable quantized states. Let's see if that has predictive power." And it did. Bohr connected theory to the flame spectra of atoms, explaining why discrete bands appear instead of smears.

    Max Planck quantized energy, but Niels Bohr quantized matter. Einstein equated them.