Friday, September 14, 2012

Holding Back The Forces Of Darkness


  1. Yeah, he's doing a great job isn't he? They're scared to death of him...

  2. Great photo.

    Off topic but...
    The French published topless photos of Kate Middleton. There are reports that outraged Brits are storming the French embassy.

  3. Yeah, he's doing a great job isn't he? They're scared to death of him...

    Hey, give him a break. He's only 14 but already in ROTC. Plus I made him pose for that shot.

  4. EBL, Trooper has bigger tits than Kate. What's the big fucking deal?

  5. Chick, big favor. Will you please ask Theo what was the name of those two beautiful pieces he posted at TY last year? They were very early church stuff IIRC. And also ask MamaM the name of those pieces that contained the notes of bird songs. Thanks, darlin', you rock.

  6. deborah, chickelit forwarded your request. I'm not sure of the link anymore, I know I found it through something Theo wrote at TY in late 2010-early 2011. The lead-in involved a flute/recorder called a Flageole and the book Bird Fancyer's Delight published in 1715. I might still find the link or maybe TT/Theo will provide the bump needed. Since that comment, there's been a BBC production on the subject with comprehensive coverage at this site with lots of links I've also highlighted some of the ones included below:

    TheSound Cloud plays the songs of 6 birds on recorders.
    Here a bullfinch singing a German folk tune.

    I don't know where the "sheet music" is! It might still turn up. Was this it?

    Pentatonic Bird Songs

    Whatever, I had a good time looking up stuff with the cat peering at the speaker listening to twitters.
    For now, MamaM, who often reads your comments and still appreciates sage and citron.

  7. The last link wasn't entered correctly: Here it is again Pentatonic Bird Songs

    The drawing on the side reminds me of the painting by Alex Grey called "Ohio Song"

  8. Thanks for the great links, MamaM. That cardinal picture is wild. Lots of great items, but the link I'm thinkig of was more old-fashioned looking, as in old-time musical notation and printed title. I found this in your links, so lovely:

    (Thanks, chick :)

  9. You're welcome, deborah.

    I still haven't heard from Theo.

  10. If I could find a hook in my mind for the approximate date, I'd ask you and MamaM to poke around...alas, the internet has affected my recollection faculties. I'll puzzle over it.

    PS, MamaM, sugar and spice pops into my mind for you, but doesn't quite fit, now does it :) I'll puzzle over that, too.

  11. I have no recollection of those posts on Troop's blog. Most of TY's comment sections are off topic and so it makes searching difficult.

  12. I remember because we'd been goofing around about birds and the Garden in earlier posts, with Titus as a BlueJay and then a Titmouse. I landed at TY on Dec 4, 2010 and I think the music talk happened soon after that within the next 4 months). Searching through his stuff post by post though, is like falling down an endless rabbit hole. I wish there was something like a concordance, where all uses of a word on a site would come up.

    The vagina thread at Althouse was fun today. More of that tangenital stuff, with ricpic centering on tangents and vectors!

  13. FOUND IT! It was tangled in the "J" shenanigans, in a post called The Wacky World of Carol Herman, September 13, 2011

    From the Thread:

    MamaM: At least Sir Archy, discerning and well read roach that he is, despite his station and lot in life, knows a bass from a treble clef and a linnet from a jay. Looking up Throustill led the MamaM to this
    PHUN all the way around!

    deborah:(next comment) Wow. Following MamaM's link from Tim's internet spark we find:

    Lovely, lovely, lovely.

    Followed by:

    MamaM: Holy Hoss, Tim. The next link brought up "Why Birds Sing: A journey through the mystery of bird song. (Pgs 19-21). Complete with a score that can be played for Starlings, and descriptions of bird flageolets. Also a story about a German biologist who taught captive bullfinches to sing tunes. No description of a throustill, but it was nevertheless a good run with more PHUN.

    As for Sir Archy, give him another crumb and tell him his recommendation was appreciated, along with his humor. Dig around in your old book collection and read him about salt that loses it's saltiness. Good thing for him that roaches are hardy.

    Cockroaches are among the hardiest insects on the planet. Some species are capable of remaining active for a month without food and are able to survive on limited resources like the glue from the back of postage stamps. Some can go without air for 45 minutes. In one experiment, cockroaches were able to recover from being submerged underwater for half an hour. It is popularly suggested that cockroaches will "inherit the earth" if humanity destroys itself in a nuclear war.
    Beyond words at the link, Deborah!!

    Based on this exchange, I'm wondering if the link you posted might be the one you're looking for, if you can get it to load! It wasn't in HREF format and the"forbidden" response comes up when I try it now, but it seems from the comments that it was not only loadable but lovely back then!!! Sadly, there are no corresponding SirArchy comments present in the tread anymore. The multiple deletions present indicate removal.

    The book mentioned above Why Birds Sing: A Journey Into the Mystery of Bird Song shows the staff and notes of a "Song to be played to Starlings" on page 21 in the Google Book load, taken from The Bird Fancyer's Delight, 1717

    That's it, deborah! It's been a fun search. Reading through to find this allowed me to see how much I enjoyed using the MamaM third person voice. Much zanier Which gave pause for thought! As for the music Theo listed, there is a June 25, 2011 post on which he wrote two lengthy comments about classical music with references, but I don't know how to transfer them here easily. The condensed version goes like this:
    Listen to Brahms' Third Symphony, listen to Alban Berg's Violin Concerto, and You cannot ever hear enough of Mahler. The rest of up to him!
    Thanks for providing the space for this reverie, El Pollo!

  14. Great finds, MamaM. I spent time over there today but didn't get that far. I was reminded of your "Warren Reports" LOL

  15. It's wild stuff, chickelit! Honey Boo Boo has nothing on the TY when it comes to go-go juice and a unique approach to reality and drama. After the fluttering from the Warren reports settled down, some good times happened. I was surprised to see how much easy fun and riffing went on pre-"J". Most of the threads through the summer of 2011 have 5-10 comments or less, with a mixed crowd commenting. Quite a few posts have no comment and the large ones ran 40-80, rarely above 100. Absent the emotion of the moment, it was an interesting read through. An archaeological dig!

  16. By the way, deborah, had more presence (off and on) there than I remembered. All part of an ever evolving story of synapses!

  17. You found it, MamaM. I recall the picture of the gentleman playing his recorder with his leg crossed. From the 'error' page, I copied and pasted part, which led me to a list which contained an Amazon link. You can scroll down to hear a brief sample:

    Regarding the two early church pieces I recall from Tim, one may have contained monastic chanting. I recall being surprised at how lovely such early music was. The two you found are much later, but thanks for taking the time, sweetie-pie :)

    Thank you, too, chick!

  18. Anytime, deborah.
    Theo is still MIA. There was a period when he was gone from the internets--several months IIRC. So what you're looking for must be from before that time.

  19. Theo disappeared in early Jan 2011. Trooper had a memorial post on the 9th. So it wasn't likely after that date.

  20. As long as I've been triangulating between blogs, I'll use this space to draw my concluding line. I know what makes this kind of search and connection valuable to me. I found the answer confirmed today in a thread filled with pretense and distortions over at Althouse. There, PaddyO, in response to two comments he found meaningful amid the dreck, wrote: ... your comments gave a wonderful turn...Thanks...the thread finds life again in thoughtful celebration.

    A Wonderful Turn, combined with Thoughtful Celebration! I like that. It's what I appreciate and enjoy about bird flageolets, remembered songs and comments, phun exchanges, and under the surface integrity revealed in odd forms, facts, and people. It's also what I find vibrating under much of what is shared here on El Pollo in science that is often beyond my ken, but intriguing nonetheless. Thanks again, chickelit! See you in the comments, deborah!

  21. Chick, I'm sure that the time I'm thinking of was after Theo left, but returned as Tim.

    Yes, MamaM, it seems we must take the the gold with the dross...see you 'round doll :)

  22. Chick, I'm sure that the time I'm thinking of was after Theo left, but returned as Tim.

    OK, that narrows it one edge of the window. The other edge is how long has TY been private now? Is about when you stopped reading it?

  23. @MamaM: You always notice the little things, too.

  24. Yes, chick, I stopped when he went private, but the post was quite some time before. I recall a witty exchange between MamaM and Tim where he said something like Althouse was like an old formica coffee table with old, boring magazines on it, and Mama M said Althouse was more like a coffee table with interesting copies of Life magazine. (So does Tim still post there?)

  25. PS, and the music in question may have been posted around that time frame.