Monday, April 11, 2011

50 Years Of MyTunes: 1995

1995 was tough year. My father died in February of that year. It also seemed to be the decade's low point for new released music--I mean, Hootie and the Bloatfish?

One highlight was seeing the nascent Foo Fighters play a surprise opening for a Mike Watt show in Denver. They weren't completely "together" yet. Of course Dave Grohl (ex-Nirvana) was there but Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam), and Pat Smear were there representing too. The Foo Fighters released a debut album that year, but it's not really a favorite. Here's kinda how they looked and sounded that night back then covering a Blue Oyster Cult song: link

Mike Watt's solo effort, Ball-Hog or Tugboat? came out in 1995 (not 1994). This highly under-rated piece of vinyl brought together a bunch of Watt's friends for example, on the song Against The 70s.

Mike Watt asked Kathleen Hanna to contribute to his album but she declined--instead ranting in a voice message left on his phone which he put it on his record as her contribution! link. A transcript is here.

Things picked-up for the better the following year.

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  1. I have no recollection of 1995, but I clearly lived through it. Maybe I was in one of those Jason Borne hazes? I hope I had fun.