Saturday, February 9, 2013

What I Like About You

Pretty unusual for a drummer to sing lead:


  1. Don Henley is the drummer for the Eagles - and he sings. Ringo tried it and nobody wanted to listen. That said, I like the Romantics and I like this song. It's on my iPhone playlist.

  2. Levon was the MAN!

    As someone who lives just south of where the Danville train ran, I too, don't mind choppin' wood, and soon all of our money will be no good. Fuck Y*nkees, just sayin'...

  3. That interviewer has a funny accent.

    And while discussing singing drummers one must never forget Karen Carpenter. And remember, kids, you can never be too thin.

  4. I said, that's what I call total recall.

  5. LL, I liked the song until it was beaten to death in every bar, frat house, club, party, radio station, etc. through the eighties.


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